Samuel J. Strong, III
Samuel J. Strong, III

Why do I Trade?

I first started my Trading Journey in hopes of creating an additional Stream of Income. However, my expectations were exceeded and Trading has allowed me to leave my 9 to 5 job of over 20+ years to become a Full-Time Trader! I trade now to Better Enjoy my Life, Family, and Time.

What am I Proficient at?

I do not consider myself an Expert. However, I am no novice. Becoming proficient at trading takes Self Discipline and Time. You need a Great Coach, Study Plan, and Community Support to get there. This is what I found with Trade Like J & The Bond Bullies. You will learn Trading Fundamentals, Trading Concepts, and Trade ATM Strategies. This skill set will transition you into an ATM Machine as promised. Then you can benefit from starting your Trading Career with a Funded Account using Other People’s Money. I am proficient with Combine Evaluation Accounts that leads to you becoming a Funded Trader.

How can I be of Assistance to you?

I would like to introduce you to The C.A.S.T. Strategy. Combine Account Stacking Tatic Strategy. It is an insight on my Trading Journey from Beginning to Proficiency. It is also a Strategic Plan to use Multiple Combine Evaluation Accounts that transition into Performance Accounts as Leverage.