Consultation Call With Tamecka Dixon

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What’s up Bully family! My name is Tamecka Dixon and I am ready to serve!! I am a former professional basketball player turned entrepreneur. Towards the end of 2019 my business was flourishing but the time commitment to make the business thrive was overwhelming. I began looking for ways that I can make money without trading so much of my valuable time. I looked into other programs but when I found J I truly felt like I had found my tribe. I was completely new to day trading but J had an extremely effective way of teaching the bullies the strategies without the information being overwhelming.

In addition, the Bond Bully community was second to none in terms of positivity, support, and continual education. Today I only devote my time to things that I have a passion for and that was made possible by J and the Bond Bully Community! One of my immediate passions is paying it forward and being a mentor in this community to help you reach your trading goals! Let’s work!

Why do I trade?

I trade for time freedom! The financial freedom is nice too (lol), but I truly enjoy working on passion projects.

What is my favorite trade?

I am a levels trader. I can see all of the strategies but I am most confident in trading the levels