Consultation Call With Derrick Gilchrist

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HI, I am Derrick Gilchrist. The Bond Bully Community calls Me DG. I am a Bond Bully Mentor who Specializes in Helping people Lock into the Fundamentals of The Course Materials Taught by The Jason Sweeting Trading Academy. I can Help with Building a good foundation for your trading journey and Becoming a confident, consistent, profitable trader. I have been successful at understanding and trading Levels, Gaps, and MIB strategies. I trade to Build wealth to never let money be a factor of weighing in on deciding on what I want to do, when I want to do it, and How much it will cost to fuel the dreams of myself or others.

I firmly believe in Teach a man How to Fish over Just Giving the Fish but I want to be able to Give the Fish and More. I Thank GOD for J and The Bond Bully Community that supports me as I do my Best to Grow and Serve. Contact me through the Slack app (DM) @Derrick Gilchrist.