Consultation Call With Carnelious Betts

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Hello, my name is Carnelious Betts your Bond Bully Mentor. I purchased J’s course in April of 2020 and have been trading ever since. Please understand that learning to trade and trading itself is a marathon not a sprint. But once you have that light bulb moment, I Guarantee you its all well worth it.
With J’s course and a healthy practice schedule, I have started and successfully completed more trading evaluations then I can remember, I’ve 25x my personal trading account in single day and start/managed my very own Capital Management Fund (Mid-Continent Capital Management). But the one accomplishment that I am most pride of is becoming a Mentor in this family/community.
With that being said, I am here willing and ready to feed anyone that has a hunger and desire to first change their lives and the lives of everyone they LOVE.
WAWG (you’ll soon know how to finish)