Become A Money Machine

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What’s Included In The Course?

J The Trader took his years of experience and boiled it down into a concentrated 18 video course.

The lessons include...


  • BAMM Syllabus
  • Ninja Trader 7 Help Guide
  • Ninja Trader 8 Help Guide


Bond Babies

  • Bond Baby Intro
  • Intro To Futures Market
  • Set Up Ninja Trader
  • Button Functionality
  • Navigating Ninja Trader
  • What About The Money
  • Get In The Trade Room


Bond Brawlers

  • Bond Brawler Intro
  • Reading Candles
  • Counting Ticks
  • Create An ATM Strategy
  • Day Types
  • The Gap Trade
  • Mother Bar-Inside Bar
  • The Levels Trade
  • How To Place An Order


Bond Bruisers

  • Bond Bruiser Intro
  • What To Do When The Market Opens
  • How To Formulate A Trade Plan
  • How To Be On The Right Side Of The Market v3
  • Trading Practice Schedule
  • Let's Play A Game


Bond Bullies

  • Bond Bully Intro
  • 3 Keys To Trading Success
  • Money Management
  • Discover Your Trading Style
  • The Psychology Of Trading
  • A Traders Lifecycle


ALL Course Material Is Available Online Which Means You Can LEARN From Anywhere, Anytime!